Every now and then you probably notice a spot on your upholstered furniture and don’t know what to do. Browsing the Internet for an advice is not the best idea, because you will find many recommendations and they will work, in fact, however, what happens with the upholstery after removing the stain with the product and as recommended?! Upholstery and fabrics, in general, are amongst the most challenging when it comes to cleaning and this is mainly because you are going to need the balanced method of efficient and even aggressive treatment for the stain, especially if very stubborn, however, you have to be gentle to the fabrics, because you can easily damage them, causing tearing off, discoloration and more. In addition and especially with upholstered furniture pieces, they are not only beautiful but also functional and the high level of everyday use can lead them to quicker wear and tear and other issues. To be sure your upholstery is cleaned and treated the right way, instead of losing your time and energy, better call the upholstery cleaning professionals in Barnet. We at 123 Cleaning will provide you with first class quality guaranteed!

Upholstery Cleaning You Can Count On!

Even when you can’t see any visible stains and dirt, it doesn’t mean that your upholstery in necessarily clean and in perfect condition. Dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens tend to be trapped deep down in between the fibres of the fabrics and this is really bad for the health and if not removed they can potentially affect your health. Because of all the requirements of the cleaning project, you have to make sure we work with the proper caution and attention to details and provide your upholstery with the proper maintenance, care, cleaning treatment and, of course, protection. It doesn’t sound that easy at all, does it? However, there is no place for worries when you have 123 Cleaning as your helping hand in Barnet because we are the experienced and skilled professionals you can completely put trust in.

Experienced, Reliable and Friendly Cleaners

We understand your requirements for a completely clean upholstery and how important this is for your family and we are also respectful to all your personal needs and preferences and the individual demands of your project. This is the reason out upholstery cleaning service is custom-tailored and custom-focused, offering a lot of understatement and advice and also we would like to hear more about the spots and areas you are the most concerned about and clean them to perfection! Because of that and our motivation to deliver the highest quality possible, we invest in training our team in efficient and very timely performance and we also invest in the best equipment and products on the Barnet market. We use a special cleaning system of extraction of all the dirt and dust without leaving a soapy or sticky residue, without taking too much time for drying out, sanitising to perfection and with a long-lasting protection for the fabrics added.

Be sure to get in touch with us and request additional information. Let’s discuss your upholstery cleaning project in Barnet!