Hard floors, no matter if natural wood, or stone, or man-made ones like vinyl, etc. are one of the best investments. In fact, they are not only beautiful and can bring a unique look to every room, being a focal point, or the perfect backdrop for beautiful furniture pieces and decoration, but they also come in a great variety of styles, colours, textures and there is something for everyone’s taste and personal preferences. In addition, hard floors are very solid and sturdy and will last you for years and years of maintained properly. The best thing is that the proper maintenance and care routine doesn’t take too much time and energy, however, professional in-depth cleaning is recommended every now and then.

Dust and debris are the hardest to remove from floors, where accumulated the most intensive. Especially with the texture, dust can be trapped deep down in the pores of the wood, for example, or in between patterned and mosaic floors and your weekly vacuuming and mopping regime is just not enough for removing all the debris. In addition, stubborn stains and dirt are hard to be removed without damaging the surface of the floor. If you want your floor back to its flawless initial condition and without a trace of damaging and imperfection, make sure to get in touch with 123 Cleaning. You can also benefit from a great range of maintenance we offer such as upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning, but let’s go more in-depth with how we take care of hard floors.

High-quality cleaning services on best price

One of the best features of the natural material floors is that they can be renovated and revamped many times in their lives. Starting with removing smaller imperfections and dirt build-ups and also the opportunity to completely change their look, make them smooth and sleek back again (often better than the initial condition) and remove all the traces of everyday use and frequent traffic, you have the chance to enjoy a professionally treated and flawless-looking floor every few years with the help of our vetted, qualified and very skilled hard floor cleaning experts in Barnet. We offer a traditional and more heavy-duty hard floor cleaning services in Barnet. We also take care of hard floors of business clients as well as providing busy clients with superb office cleaning service. By traditional we mean very in-depth and detailed removing of all the dust and dirt, which can not only ruin the whole appearance of the floor but also be the reason for allergies and an overall unhealthy setting and home (or working space).

Sparkling-clean results achieved by professionals

However, not all the dirt and stains can be removed so easily and sometimes even our innovative and advanced hard floor cleaning techniques and systems can’t do the magic. In that case, we offer floor sanding and honing services. Sanding of wood is the same as honing for real stone and marble floors and pretty much means the process of removing all the imperfections, stains and scratches from the surface and leaving a sleek, smooth and polished surface. That way you can enjoy not only a beautiful floor but also prevent imperfections growing into major issues and completely damaging the floor. Sanding and honing are great. Because they can happen many times in the life-cycle of the floor and every time achieves the best result. Be sure to get in touch with us, if you have additional questions, we are glad to be able to help and advise you!