Moving in and moving out is always a hassle not only for the residents but also for the landlords and estate agents. We are sure that every professional in this field has been at least once in this situation to find a very messy and dirty property after people leaving it. Of course, the real estate business is all about the good presentation and dealing with an untidy house with no order is equal to not selling it to anyone. Because, even a million dollar room with designer furniture, but messy can’t look better than a simple, but very clean and fresh-looking room. Cleanness and tidiness are, in fact, what is always associated with professionalism and attention to detail and what makes a lasting and positive first impression. In order to achieve the look you are after, hiring our professional team for cleaning services for landlords and estate agents in Barnet is your best option, so make sure to get in touch with us and let’s discuss how we can meet your expectations.

A flexible cleaning schedule for your needs

At 123 Cleaning we are on the Barnet market for such a long time that we have accumulated enough experience and expertise to understand the requirements of the real estate business very well. In fact, we have developed and designed our own cleaning services for landlords and estate agents, which is not only with a first-class quality guarantee but is also very timely, well-organised and at a reasonable price. Because our team of the best professionals is certified and trained in the most efficient and time-proven cleaning methods and techniques, we have the confidence and the good reputation of the best local experts, providing domestic and business clients with performance to answer all their expectations, demands and desires. We have the talent and the potential to transform every property and bring it back to its initial glory and beauty with the power of the highest quality equipment and products we count on. We are glad we have found such an equipment to match our professionalism and be effective in removing all the dirt, dust and debris, gentle to the fabrics and materials and also eco- and family-friendly and completely non-toxic.

High quality, professional and green cleaning

In fact, 123 Cleaning is always associated with professionalism in Barnet and we pride ourselves in not only following the standards for quality, hygiene and safety but setting them. Our working approach is very professional and detailed and we won’t settle on mediocre quality, because we are perfectionists. However, this doesn’t mean that our performance will take too much time because we know exactly how to balance timescales and budgets and have great organisation and discipline. We know that the informed choice is the best choice, so we are ready to answer all your questions and additional information requests. Be sure to call us on 020 7036 0626, or leave us a message on and we will answer back as soon as possible.