Moving out and the house is a mess? Are you afraid you won’t be able to keep your deposit? Don’t worry, because we at 123 Cleaning have the perfect solution for you and it is our end of tenancy cleaning service available in Barnet. We can completely transform messy settings into the interior-design-magazine-cover setting, which will make your moving out situation easier and way more pleasant and will leave your landlord and estate agent completely happy and satisfied with what they find after you living there. At 123 Cleaning we know that end of tenancy and moving out can be a serious hassle and this situation is engaged with a lot of work to be done.

Top quality cleaning and excellent results

So we offer to help you with a serious part of your work and doing the intensive and time-consuming end of tenancy cleaning tasks for you, so you can stay focused on more important things to do. In fact, when moving out nobody has the time and the energy to scrub and wash every corner of the house, not to mention that there are not many people with the proper knowledge and approach, which is not only effective but also timely. In order to be able to offer exactly this kind of service, which is efficient, well-organised and also affordable and in order to help you systematise the more important engagements and help you with the others, we have developed the best end of tenancy cleaning service in Barnet to answer all your requirements and meet all your expectations.

Flexible and effective move-in and move-out services

In fact, when it comes to end of tenancy, it is not only about your requirements, but also the requirements of your landlord or estate agent. Don’t worry, because we always work according to the highest standards for quality, hygiene, health and safety. We understand the needs of the individuals and also the requirements of the business and we are able to deliver the highest quality possible, guaranteeing every nook and corner of the property will be sparkling clean, fresh and sleek without to skip a single spot!

Cleaning services meeting the needs of all clients

At 123 Cleaning we invest a lot in training. Our team of professionals is trained in the best, most advanced and innovational techniques and methods and knows the appropriate approach to every spot and stain, also can remove dirt and dust without damaging your belongings. Our approach is very efficient in removing dirt, however very gentle to fabrics, stone, wood, furniture pieces, etc. For example, our innovative carpet cleaning system extracts all the dirt and debris, while cutting down the drying time, not leaving a soapy and sticky residue and being gentle to the fibres of the carpet. We work with the highest quality equipment and products in order to be able to deliver first class sanitising with a long-lasting effect and a lot of protection for wood, upholstery and more. You probably are going to have some additional questions. At our company we believe that the informed choice is the best choice, so be sure to get in touch with us and request all the information you are interested about, we would be glad to be able to help you!