Vacuuming is great for your everyday carpet cleaning and maintenance routine, but sadly not enough and you are going to need professional help and service for more in-depth cleaning and care. Carpets are, hands down, this functional spot of your house or working space that experiences a lot of frequent traffic and everyday use and on top of that carpets, because of their specific texture with fibres are the spot where dust and dirt are accumulated the most. And we all know that debris and dust are not welcome in a property that should be sparkling clean and fresh and most importantly – healthy. That is right, dust and dirt not only ruin the appearance of every room, but are also the reason for allergies and other problems and are not something to enjoy in a house with small children, or in a commercial building with many clients and visitors daily. However, how to effectively achieve a long-lasting dust-free carpet without wasting too much time and money? As easy as it can be, simply get in touch with 123 Cleaning and leave us to do our magic!

Top Quality Carpet Cleaning Machines & Materials

We highly recommend having your carpet cleaned professionally by our team, which is certified, qualified, fully insured and has enough experience and knowledge to deliver first-class quality in a flash! Our Barnet professionals are trained in the latest and most advanced carpet cleaning and maintenance, which includes an innovative system of injecting cleaning and non-toxic solutions and warm water in between the fibres of the carpet and then extracting them back with all the dirt. This method is not only completely safe and very efficient, but it is also very gentle to the carpet, unlike the abrasive techniques many companies offer, and also cuts off the drying time and don’t leave a soapy or sticky residue, but only a fresh and clean look. We pride ourselves on the highest quality equipment and products we use and we believe they reflect our professionals and attention to details.

100% Perfect Results Guaranteed!

Besides the great quality we deliver, we are also glad to share with you our working performance is very timely. Timely doesn’t mean that we will skip and neglect important steps of the carpet cleaning process, but that we are knowledgeable and experienced enough to know how to work quick and efficient. We also work hassle-free and minimise the disruption to your day-to-day life or working operations and if you decide to stay at home while we work we promise you will relax and enjoy some quality time, not dealing with the bad organisation and undisciplined team. We know that you are probably going to need additional information, so please get in touch with us and ask everything you are interested or concerned about. We hope we can help you with information and advice to make the smartest choice. Be sure to call us, or leave us a message and we will answer as soon as possible!