Cleaning the house during the workweek is something many people just don’t do since they are out of energy, motivation, enthusiasm, and time. In fact, it is not easy to maintain your home in perfect condition with a full-time job or even if you are a stay-at-home parent. However, letting all the chores and tasks piling up for the weekend is not the best alternative too. So if your idea of a fun and satisfying all-day activity during the week does not consist of wiping off, scrubbing, and vacuuming the whole house from to bottom, then you will definitely enjoy this simple yet very effective weekday cleaning checklist we are about to share with you today!

In fact, you still need to be proactive and productive to get the job done during every day of the week but think of this from the good side – you will be left with no tasks to tackle down during the weekend and you will be able to enjoy relaxation and some great time spend with your family and friends. Taking baby steps and doing a little bit at a time without getting distracted while keeping your motivation high is something you can learn and adapt to a very beneficial habit. Yep, this is easier said than done but once you start making a little effort you will be surprised with how amazing the results are.

Everyday Tasks

Making your bed is a top priority, no matter how tempting it is to leave a mess in the morning when you are rushing to leave the house. Make sure to leave yourself a few extra minutes for making the bed and you will be surprised with how good it all feels when you are back from work and you are greeted by a bedroom that looks significantly tidier and cleaner just because of the bed. Next step is reading the mail as soon as you get it and place everything in its right place – save the letters you need to save and recycle the rest of the unwanted papers. Every time you are leaving a room/the house make sure that everything is in its place and there are no major messes. During the day you can clean as you go, for example, you can wipe up the surfaces while you cook or while you get ready in the bathroom. Vacuum all high traffic areas at the end of the day and call it a day!


It is time for getting organised and place everything left from the weekend in its place. Put all clothes away, organise drawers and cabinets. Dedicate your Mondays for organising and decluttering the house.


Dedicate the Tuesdays for cleaning all mirrors, windows, and glass surfaces around the house and make them sparkly without a streak. The glass and mirrored surfaces in the bathroom and the kitchen get the heaviest household traffic, do not forget to do them as a priority. As you are working on the windows, do not forget to check the blinds and remove any dust if needed.


Wednesdays are for doing the laundry. Unless your family is not too big or too messy, doing the laundry once a week should be enough to keep up with a good routine. You will find that having a specifically dedicated laundry day makes everything more manageable and easier. You can include the whole family and delegate to everyone the tasks of folding, sorting out, and putting away their clothes. The recommended routine for your bed sheets and linens is washing them at least every two weeks.


Dedicate Thursday for a “rubbish day”, which means you can start by cleaning the fridge and refrigerator for all leftovers and food that is out of date. Then continue with emptying out all rubbish bins and do not forget to clean them thoroughly then place new liners. Next, clean all kitchen and bathroom surfaces and continue with the floors in these areas. Replace all the towels.


Friday can be your vacuuming and dusting day when you will pay attention to all surfaces and floors of the whole house. Do not forget to dust from top to bottom and clockwise and leave vacuuming for when you are done with dusting. Do not miss to clean all fixtures, lamps, and furnishings. Take a look beneath and underneath furniture and have a good clean there too. Do not ignore all corners and baseboards.