Homes come in different shapes and sizes and just because living space is way too big, way too small or in crazy shape, this doesn’t mean is not a home. Because home is not about the architecture, interior design and the shape of the building, but all about how you feel inside this space you call your little nest. So, no matter you live in a nest, or a castle, your home is your home and you want it to feel the best!

A great benefit for a cosy and homey feeling is exactly cleanliness and good organisation. People are different and everyone feels differently in certain space, so the individual perception of comfort is the most important for the owners of the home, however we all can say that a clean and well-organised house can feel like a home a lot. A clean house has its own amazing soul and spirit that works like caressing and comforting after a long day of work or other activities. As we love to say – even the walls at home have the ability to heal!

No matter the size of your home, organisation and a cleaning routine never have to suffer and be overlooked, if you want to feel good at this place. After all, houses on a smaller size are not a real excuse for not being organised and so. We understand that it is way more challengeable to work with less storage space and keep order and tidiness on track on an everyday basis, but it is not impossible and everything you need to do is simply having good organisational skills. Here are a few simple advice coming from the experts for a good organisation in small spaces:

The living space

Avoiding clutter in smaller living areas is one of the biggest challenges out there. After all, it is pretty hard to keep track of order and tidiness, while using the space that often. For an organisation in smaller living areas, it would be a good idea to consider shelving. You can even think of shelling out an entire wall and arrange it properly, so it doesn’t seem like too much of clutter. You can use storage boxes with a cool design to hide all the items and compliment the interior design of the space. This is a great solution that allows you to enjoy good organisation without adding chunky furniture pieces that will only take too much of the space.

Kitchen area

Kitchen areas tend to be a real nightmare of the organised freaks. Even when you are really regular and strict with tidying up the kitchen, it is almost always a mess, because after all, the kitchen is more like a workspace in your house and nothing like the other regular rooms. In order to add a good organisation to your kitchen, consider fun and original way to hand pots and pans from the ceiling or on the wall instead of adding more cabinets that will make space feel claustrophobic. It looks chic and it is also very convenient while you are cooking.


One of the biggest problems when it comes to organisation in the bedroom is usually where to put all those clothes and accessories. Putting seasonal and rarely used clothes in bins and boxes under the bed is a great solution to clear up a bit of space. Design your closet or wardrobe smartly, so you can utilise the most of the space and store anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom.