There are so many things you have to be aware of while you are pregnant in order to have the peace of mind that you are maintaining your child’s health and your own health properly and you make the best that can be done. However, in case you are very risky when it comes to pregnancy, or you just do not feel that you can deal with household duties, you still can clean and organise the house, while waiting for your little fellow to welcome the world. Simply make sure that you are taking the advice and recommendations of the professionals (and, of course, your doctor) seriously and you are doing the cleaning, while you are pregnant, the proper way. In addition, make sure that if you really do not feel that great, there is always the option to hire a professional house cleaning, office cleaning, carpet cleaning, or whatever cleaning company of your choice. Doing this every now and then will not break the bank for sure!

While you are enjoying (or not that much) your special nine months, you still have to be aware of the dangers that you have to avoid in this special time for you and especially for all those things that you do not pay a lot of attention usually, but now it is crucial to understand and remember them. Pregnancy and some certain cleaning tasks and products just do not get along, so keep reading if you are interested in what we are talking about!


There is a list of things that you have absolutely avoid making, while you are pregnant. These are dangerous for a variety of reasons and they just do not worth it putting your baby’s and your own health and safety at risk. What to avoid: cleaning out and changing your cat’s litter, because cat faecal contain Toxoplasma gondii parasite that is known for causing toxoplasmosis; cleaning our any mold, because mould itself can be toxic; heavy vacuum machines and moving furniture, especially if you are closer to birthing time; anything that require excessive bending, squatting, lifting and stretching; Keep remembering that you are not in your usual form and although you may be tempted to use your free time to go through everything that has to be done for a long time, this is simply not the right time to do. Your unborn baby’s and your own health have to be your priority! Enjoy the break, it is your time to relax and don’t worry about anything.

Cleaning products to avoid

There are some cleaning products that are offered on the market and that can be really dangerous for your health and even worse – for your child’s health. In addition, most of the women find out that during pregnancy, they are more sensitive to things and smells that usually do not bother them. Some of the products and solutions offered on the market are highly dangerous because inhaling them can lead to a number of allergies, conditions and irritations. Be sure to avoid any product that is labelled as corrosive, danger, poison and toxic, or practically any product that contains bleach and also oven and drain cleaners, ammonia, some laundry detergents, fabric softeners and more.