One home runs more smoothly when everyone in the family is involved in cleaning. Of course, on one hand, this means some additional help for you, because after all, it is enough hard and complex to balance all the household work by yourself, not to speak about dealing with household choruses, helping your children with housework, when they are at school and also handling a full-time job. It may sound pretty impossible, but thousands of people are living their lives that way and all of them will tell you that every help is highly needed. On the other hand, getting your children involved in cleaning and organising is highly good and recommended. On the first place, children love to feel useful and helpful, so involving them with a few responsibilities at home is something they secretly will enjoy. That way you are also helping them be more responsible, more reliable, more independent (and they will enjoy that soon or later) and also learning many lifelong and essential skills for caring for and maintaining a clean and tidy home of their own. Finally, you have many opportunities to make boring and time-consuming everyday tasks into more entertaining and exciting, like a real fin game for your school-aged children… and why not for you, maybe this is your chance to start enjoying cleaning necessities for once and forever!

As children grow older, their abilities to help you with everyday household choruses increases significantly. That pretty much means that your school-aged young fellows can be a real helping hand and taking their duties really responsibly. If you haven’t had the chance to involve your children in cleaning and organising at home, or if you are struggling to pick the tasks they are ready to deal with, here are a few ideas for you!

The tasks featured in today’s article are appropriate for elementary and up until aged children. You can pick and select what is appropriate for your own child and children, it is totally up to you and how much responsibilities you believe your young one is ready to take. However, do not underestimate their potential and willingness to help. Including your child’s help in the cleaning routine of your home is not only educational and you will notice how easier it is for you to run the household smoothly and that you are not that exhausted anymore after a day spent in rubbing and washing. A little tip for a good organisation is having a chores board or plan on a daily or weekly basis to follow easily and not wandering around the house thinking what has to be done. Another recommendation we can give you is reducing the usage of heavy chemical cleaning products as much as possible, or substitute them with natural and green alternatives.

Household chores:

  • Wipe cupboards
  • Help sort laundry into whites and colors
  • Start and switch laundry loads
  • Fold laundry
  • Put away clean clothes
  • Clean windows with microfiber cloth
  • Put books in bookshelf
  • Help unload groceries
  • Water plants
  • Take care of pets, feed them
  • Gather garbage, take it to recycling
  • Take mail
  • Dust surfaces
  • Vacuum and sweep floors
  • Clean clutter from bathroom counter and wipe it off
  • Wipe off doorknobs and switch plates

For any other plan and project you may have that requires professional help such as carpet cleaning, upholstery and end of tenancy cleaning, be sure to get in touch with our experienced professionals and they will help you immediately!