Even the most strict cleaning and organisation perfectionists make mistakes and forget about things at home, or at the office than have to be cleaned and paid attention to. Believe us, even the most serious OCD’s are missing a corner and a nook, but stay calm and quiet about that, they don’t particularly love to be reminded.

In fact, we feel a bit of hesitation while writing this article right now, because it will have you pay attention and notice areas of your home that are pretty neglected and ignored in dirt and dust, because no matter how strict and persistent you are with your house cleaning, or office cleaning routine, there are a few places left. Do not feel disappointed, because this does not make you not responsible for the indoor environment you live and work in, it simply makes you a human, because those things are part of life. After all, there are far too many more important things than maintaining the perfect home. Still, if you want every nook and corner of your home or workplace to be perfectly clean and well-maintained, today we are giving you few ideas what to pay your attention on!

  • Deep clean your garbage cans – Yes, this may sound like a bit too much for you, we understand. What is the point of cleaning something, where you through your garbage and dirt of all sorts, right? However, you will be surprised at how dirty and respectively unhealthy and not that safe for you and your family a garbage can could be, if left ignored. The smell alone should convince you, not to mention the dangerous amount of bacteria accumulated! Here is how you maintain a clean trash can! Make sure you start with your trash can empty and they spray the inside with a disinfectant cleaner. Choose one that is designed for pet messes, because this would be very effective in getting rid of stubborn and annoying bacteria and dirt and also contains enzymes that neutralise odours. Allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes. Test on a small area first in order to make sure that the product won’t leave stains or cause discolouration. Then scrub with a nylon brush, wipe down the outside with the same kind of brush or a sponge dipped in hot water and cleaning solution (a strong one, preferable) and finally rinse and let air dry.
  • De-fuzz them lampshades – Lampshades are usually a big magnet for dust. Once you notice them fuzz balls, you will need the following method – start with unplugging the lamp, so the bulb can cool. Then remove the lampshade and use a paintbrush for effectively dusting all those little details and tricky corners and edges. A lint roller can really make a difference, too.
  • Light fixtures – they need your attention too! Once you turn off the ceiling light and allow the bulbs to cool you can continue with removing the light bulbs and wiping down each of them. Then unscrew the light casing, place a washcloth in the bottom of the sink and fill with warm and soapy water. Wash the light casing with the help of the “cushion” you have just made in order to prevent chips and scratches and let it dry.
  • Shower curtain liner – Most shower curtain liners can be washed in the washing machine, simply place it in the washing machine with two bath towels and on a gentle setting. If you add a bit of baking soda and a cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle, you can also get rid of mould and mildew. You can then hang it in the shower and use a vent fan to speed the drying process.