It is a typical cleaning day, everyone enjoys a sparkling clean and sanitised home. We are removing the dust from surfaces with aerosol type spray, we are washing the carpets and removing stains and spots from upholstery with powerful cleaning agents, we are cleaning the windows, the toilet, the sink, the oven and anything else with specially designed for those purposes products. As we have said, it is a typical day and the level of toxins in the indoor environment and air is close to dangerous.

Many cleaning products we use on a daily basis, many soaps, sprays, polishers, etc. that are calmly sitting on the shelves of the local supermarket or department store, many of them are dangerous and can put our health and safety at home at risk. And the dangerous, toxic and heavy chemical ingredients they contain are often not even mentioned on their labels. Of course, the impact of these dangerous ingredients is dangerous for health and safety after a long-term of, however cleaning thoroughly at home once a week is frequent enough to make us concerned about what we are actually buying, using and is it safe at all?

Hand down, cleaning products described as “heavy-duty”, providing us with “100% impressive results” and so on are normally highly effective and really make a significant difference. They make our windows shine, they remove all the grease from the oven and microwave, they make the tiles in our bathroom to shine like a mirror, but does this really worth it, since using them means also exposure on toxins for the whole family?

As consumers we are scared that sickness and illness come from dirt, this propaganda making us think that heavy chemicals are better for our health, since they are removing all the dirt, debris, bacteria and dust. But are they really? Bacteria, allergens, even viruses are around the house, in the environment anyway and in normal levels, they are not that dangerous at all as cleaning products can be!

Many of the ingredients that a numerous amount of products over the world consist are highly recommended to be avoided. They can lead to many skin issues, eye and respiratory conditions, dizziness and sleepiness, they have a big impact on the central nervous system, they can provoke allergies and other conditions and diseases. Fortunately, there are so many natural and safer alternatives we can substitute the heavy chemicals with that are just as effective and ensure impressive final results. Everything you need to clean your house is probably in your house already. Here are some of the most popular alternatives to cleaning products from the store that ensure perfect results. White vinegar removes stains from upholstery, carpets and laundry. Lemon juice is great mixed with water and other ingredients for removing stains and cleaning windows. It is also a natural and fresh scent for your house. Borax can do all the cleaning you need, baking soda cleans stains and deodorises, liquid castile soap is really a versatile product, olive oil polishes and protects equally enough wood and leather and even Coke is great for removing stubborn stains!