We are inspiring you to take great care of your home and we share with you tips and tricks on how to make your home cosier, more comfortable, healthier and safer place. However, we are always giving our recommendations on cleaning most areas of your house and there are still some things and areas we never talk about. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t need attention too. It is often all about the details and they also need your attention and care in order to make the whole house look and feel put together and polished like you always dream about.

Today we are talking about 3 things you keep forgetting to clean, but you have to and we are recommending you the best ways to take care of them. If you see a dusty table, you wipe it down, as simple as that! However, what is happening with the dust and dirt you don’t see on an everyday basis and you forget about – dirt is kept accumulating and keep accumulating… The mess can be out of sight, out of mind! So, be sure next time you are going to pay attention to these forgotten spots:

  • Ceiling fan – Well, yes, if you have a ceiling fan the chance you have cleaned it in the last few months is close to zero. We often forget about the fact that dust and dirt are also accumulated on the ceiling fan. Or we manage to remember that fact from time to time, but cleaning the ceiling fan seems like too much effort and time. In fact, it is not that hard at all and you need no more than 15 minutes! On the other hand, cleaning the ceiling fan is a necessity, because, with all the dust and allergens accumulated on it, this will most certainly decrease the quality of the indoor air. All you are going to need for the task is canned air, screwdriver, soft cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Before starting, make sure you turn off the fan and the position a ladder directly under it. Remove the motor cover and use a bottle of canned air to clean the electronics, this is the safer way to do it. Plus, when all the dust is removed, your fan will work more effectively. Then spray a rag with multi-purpose cleaner and wipe down the blades.
  • Laundry basket – Laundry baskets and clothes hampers are practically a haven for bacteria and allergens. Everything you need to clean them to perfection is all-purpose spray and baking soda. Considering that laundry baskets are home to dirty clothes, there is a big possibility that you got some strange odours. The multi-purpose products will get rid of all the bacteria and allergens and the baking soda will remove the funky smell, simply sprinkle it into the hamper when it is empty.
  • Coffee maker – You need no more than 30 minutes to clean your coffee maker to perfection. You also will need white vinegar to remove all the residue from coffee and all the accumulated dirt. Simply pour a mixture of three cups white vinegar and six cups of water into the reservoir and run a pot as normal.