Have you thought that the only way to use your dishwasher is to wash dishes by adding a well-marketed cleaning detergent? Then you are wrong because there are a lot more things and situations your dishwasher may turn to be your helping hand. In fact, there are many ideas that can be used additionally, when you use your dishwasher for washing dishes too and there are many great ideas for making using your dishwasher more cost-effective and money-saving. Today we are going to reveal 10 secrets every owner of a dishwasher should know and try!

Dishwashers are designed to make our everyday tasks and house cleaning in general easier and faster even in an extent you don’t expect. We appreciate these machines for saving us from the boring hand-washing, but there are so many situations that a dishwasher can help! Beyond their ability to clean the dishes, they can help for a lot of things that many people are not aware of.

  • Comparing to hand-washing the dishes, most of the dishwashers, especially the newest and modern ones, actually save a significant amount of water. And this is not only good for nature, but also reduces your water and electricity bill, so who wouldn’t enjoy that, really?! Dramatic water savings – you are welcome!
  • Do you want sparkling clean dishes? Then there is a little secret for you, use something that anyone has in their homes, something very simple and not expensive at all – white vinegar a.k.a. the real cleaning magic! Place a small dish in the centre of the rack filled with 1 cup of white vinegar with every single load and you will forget about how not sparkling clean dishes used to look like. Goodbye, stubborn stains! And if you want to get rid of the nasty and heavy smells, white vinegar will help for that too!
  • Tired of turning your kitchen into a mess, when actually trying to clean it, or when cooking something for your family? Then your dishwasher is your best friend – use it to catch the messes and spray cooking spray of cleaning spray onto pans that are placed over an open dishwasher door. You can also measure out powdered ingredients and leave your loyal dishwasher catch all the overflow and spillage without worrying.
  • Your dishwasher can clean more than just the dishes. You can use it for washing children’s toys, fake flowers, flip flops, baseball caps, vacuum attachments, gardening and other small tools, hairbrushes and a thousand more items!
  • You can actually cook in your dishwasher! Try the lasagna or salmon receipts you can find online, they always turn out great!
  • Load your utensils into the dishwasher by type and categories, it will be easier for you to organise them later.
  • Have a look at the manufacturer’s instructions, because sometimes you can find a helpful diagram of how actually place all the dishes and save some space.
  • You can actually buy dishwasher tine caps if the tops of your dishwasher tines look worn off.
  • You can make your own dishwasher detergent for very cheap, try some receipts online.
  • Clean your dishwasher regularly to make it work properly and effectively.