Everyone knows the deal after a renovation and refurbishment project when builders often leave a total mess to deal with. In fact, after builders, cleaning and aftercare are not your daily or weekly maintenance and care routine and you just can’t handle this situation with vacuuming and mopping. Such an intensive job requires a lot of time, energy, skills and knowledge not everyone has and for that reason, we offer a professional after builders cleaning service for all domestic and commercial clients. For even cleaner property, we also deliver highly beneficial hard floor and carpet cleaning services in Barnet.

Our after builders cleaning service is dedicated to all people that just don’t have the time and the skills to deal with the big mess, paint splashes, great amount of dust, strong smells and dirt in debris in general. Our professionals are trained and the most efficient and advanced cleaning systems for stubborn and stains, which effectively remove the after builders debris from all kinds of surfaces and materials and is still gentle and not damaging. We also work with the highest quality equipment and products, which are completely safe, non-toxic and eco- and family-friendly!

Budget-friendly cleaning services and superb results

Here is a short list of the duties our cleaning experts most often are asked about. However, keep in mind that we always custom-tailor our services and would be glad to help you with the trouble spots you are the most concerned about, so we can be able to completely meet your expectations and answer all your requirements and leave you pleased with the final result. Remember that we also offer additional maintenance services like upholstery cleaning and every job is considered, so simply ask for more. The main tasks we cover are cleaning of:

  • Bathrooms, sinks, windows, toilets, kitchen appliances
  • Hard floors (real wood, real stone, vinyl, etc.) of any paint and mortar
  • All windows, window outlines, window ledges of any paint and mortar
  • All skirtings
  • All switches
  • All dividers and roofs
  • Kitchen, leaving room and lounge areas, bedrooms, hallways, basements, conservatories, etc.
  • All cupboards and surfaces
  • Toilets
  • All tiles in the washroom
  • Stairs
  • Furniture pieces
  • Upholstery, carpets

Overall, what we promise to do is sanitising the house to perfection, transforming every corner and every square meter sparkling clean, flawless-looking and fresh-smelling, so you can really enjoy it. We also want to create a healthy setting for you and your family and make sure all the dust that provokes allergies is totally removed. We work according to the highest standards for hygiene, quality and safety, so you can really put trust in us! We are honest, reliable and everything we do reflects our professionalism, dedication and attention to every detail. We won’t neglect anything and won’t skip any important stage of the process.

Best results - every time

Other advantages of our after builders cleaning performance, besides the fact we deliver the highest quality possible are that the service is very timely and also at a very reasonable price. Our experts are really experienced and talented and they know what to do and how to react even in unexpected situations, having the proper approach, so you will enjoy a great hassle-free performance in a flash! Be sure to contact us today and let’s discuss your Barnet project!