Professional Cleaning Services in Barnet

We at 123 Cleaning are the premiere cleaning service provider in Barnet and our services are available for both domestic and commercial projects in the area, as well as we offer more in-depth and specific services to meet your individual needs like for example, carpet, upholstery, hard floor, end of tenancy and cleaning services for landlords and estate agents. We provide our clients and customers with a full range of cleaning, maintenance and care treatments for their homes and workplaces and we offer the freedom each and every of our services to be customised according to your specific and personal preferences, requirements, needs, schedule and budget.

As a part of our customised approach and our personal interest to focus on our client’s needs only, we give our customers the opportunity to custom-tailor our professional assistance completely to their lifestyle, individual requirements and schedule. We are flexible, no matter if it comes to working time or the job required. For so many years of practice in the area, our cleaning specialists have gained a lot of experience and knowledge and this allows them the confidence to be able to handle any situation and to handle it the proper way with a timely manner, a lot of professionalism and attention to every detail. Not a single task is overlooked and neglected when you work with us and this makes us the perfect choice for many of you that cannot be bothered, or just don’t have the time to supervise our work. Well, no supervising is needed here, since we are experienced, consistent and reliable enough to do our work properly and precisely. In addition, we love our work and we do it with passion. Each and every member of 123 Cleaning puts a lot of heart in what they are doing. Our members and cleaning experts recognise amazingly well the value of loyalty and reliability and they are people that you can count on in every situation.

You will be truly amazed and impressed how thoroughly, detailed and fast our crew will clean and sanitise to perfection your property, home, workplace. Our maid service and maintenance treatment is serious and heavy duty, deep cleaning every square meter, paying attention to any nook and corner and providing the best treatment possible. Of course, professional basic and deep cleaning is not a rocket science and still we have specific skills we have gained with the years of experience and also our constantly updating and improving program. In addition to that all the members of our team have an inner talent to do this job and combined with the knowledge accumulated, this is the reason every project we undertake in Barnet to be a true success with fascinating final results. Our specific skills and knowledge allow us not only to deliver highest quality in cleaning service possible, but to do that with a very timely manner and great organisation and with the appropriate individual approach. So if you are looking for a reliable, consistent and experienced domestic and commercial cleaning company in Barnet, we are most certainly your best choice!